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Photo by: Jessie Golem

"Unflinchingly honest with vivid moments of beauty, pain, and humour. Page by page you feel drawn in and carried along on a journey. Simply put, it's a book I will happily add to my bookshelf."

-Shaun Bloom


“In this collection of blog posts, Renee reflects with truthful abandon on her emotional journey and invites you to bear witness to the landscape of her feeling life in all its changing colours. Whether she is writing of vulnerability, terror, playfulness, mindfulness, excruciating separation or human connection, Renee has arrived at these insights organically and she offers them to you with a fierce longing for continued healing – for each human being and for the entire world. ...So tangibly honest, you can almost hear her heart beating.”

-Gail Nielsen, MA

"A good glimpse into mental health and daily struggles. Renee's insights and relatable stories can make the strange people seem normal, and the normal people seem strange!"

-Joshua Hincks SSW

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